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Read about how to use music, movement, and dopamine to hack your nervous system and drop your email to save the Spotify playlist!

WHAT is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (aka: a chemical in your brain) that is responsible for motivation and focus.  The more dopamine - the more DRIVE you have for a specific goal or task.  There are plenty of scientific brain hacks to increasing dopamine... music is one of them!


WHEN to use it?

Establish when you need a "mood booster".  Maybe you're slow to wake up in the morning... maybe you struggle to feel true excitement for your workout of the day.  Or maybe you're feeling anxious before an important meeting.  These are all perfect opportunities to release stress from your body and increase that natural "upper" of Dopamine. 


Now be careful... when you want to wind down for the night... your brain reacts to music just like it does to caffeine.  Make sure to avoid overstimulating music when you're winding DOWN for the night.  You can also use calming music to signal to your brain to start slowing down.


HOW to use it?

To truly access the effects of dopamine through music... there needs to be a mind/body connection.  You need to listen to the songs that speak to YOU.  The songs that make YOUR BODY MOVE.  The goal is to ignite movement and a feeling in both your body and mind.  Look for THOSE SONGS.  Alter the playlist... save a playlist of songs that genuinely create motivation in your body and mind... and move to that music, daily!


Start paying attention to the feelings and thoughts that come up for you... notice what your personal motivator is.  For example: feelings of strength, joy, frustration, hopefulness, badassery.


Feelings are what motivate us to take action in life... when you can truly embody the physical feelings that inspire you personally, you've hacked your system.  And you'll feel the dopamine spiking!  Which = more productivity and feeling better (mentally AND physically) while doing it!

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